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Plastic-injection-packer 10 mm

Order no.: K2010L, K2012

  • Zoom: Plastic-injection-packer 10 mm
    Zoom: Plastic-injection-packer 10 mm

  • Item description

    Plastic injection packer (European Patent)
    Plastic packer will often be used as low priced alternative for Injection Packers. Normal drive-in packer with lamellas have the disadvantage that the drill hole has to be very accurate to the Diameter, or the packer won`t Keep in the hole. Because of its remarkable combination of integrated nipple-head and two rubber parts it is possible to inject synthetic resin up to 200 bar pressure through the plastic injection packer.

    The red rubber at the tip of the packer functions are a non-backflow valve. The injection medium flows out beneath the red rubber during injection but cannot flow back into the packer because of the counter pressure.

    After setting the plastic injection packer into the drill hole the leading plate of the setting-clamp tool can easily be positioned over the nipple-head of the packer. By working the handle of the setting-clamp tool, the black rubber will be drawn and clamped into the drill hole. Through the integrated nipple-head injection can be made with high pressure. Because of the packer material there is no risk of corrosion in opposition to injection packers made of steel.

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    Item details

    fitting on the setting-clamp tool (K2002)

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    10 120 0,97


    12 120 1,09




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