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For more than 50 years PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH delivers injection packer for concrete repairing, sealing and reconstruction of buildings.

In 1975 the first injection packers 1017 were produced according to customer requirements and already 1978 PPW overtook the first pending patent for these packers.

The first injection pump in form of a piston pump has been constructed 1977. The development of the injection pump R1001 is based on the idea, to be able to inject simply and easy without heavy machines.

Thereby the production is in Germany PPW is able to manufacture quickly according to customer wishes. Out of the standard program PPW distributes in more than 65 countries ex stock. Since 2011 PPW has the status AEO (authorised economic operator) which secures fast exports.

The second part of the large range of products covers tools and equipment for processing liquid plastic coatings and for laminating glas-fibre and epoxy with Gfk.

An additional program 'building-examaniation-equipment' consists of measuring tools for observing and monitoring of cracks and alterations of surfaces. The complete product range is on

Riekbornweg 20
D-22457 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 559726 0
Fax: +49 40 559726 65

Managing Director:
Hans-Jürgen Borowski, Imke Borowski-Baeyer

Handelsregister Amtsgericht Hamburg B 21823
UST-ID-Nr.: DE118589899

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June 2002
AEO - AuthorisedEconomic Operator

AEO - AuthorisedEconomic Operator

Due to increasing globalization and the associated security situation, the World Customs Organization (WZO) was prompted to create a global framework for modern, effective risk management in customs administrations using a so-called Framework of Standard to Secure and Faciliate Global Trade (SAFE). Security aspects of the SAFE have been implemented at European level through security changes in the Customs Code and in the Customs Code Implementing Regulation. The status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an essential element of the EU security concept. It is a customs status for companies with a view to their reliability and security in international economic transactions.

The AEO certificate

We - PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH - have the status of an authorized economic operator (AEO-C). We are therefore a particularly reliable and trustworthy economic operator who has been assessed by customs on the basics of criteria such as compliance with customs and procedural regulation, a proper accounting system and solvency. In order to maintain the validity of the AEO-C certificate, regular checks are carried out by customs.

The authorized economic operator in international trade

The AEO status is an internationally recognized seal of approval that distinguishes us in international trade as "reliable" in international supply chain management. The AEO certificate thus represents a quality feature towards our customers and other business partners. The status of an authorized economic operator will increasingly establish itself as the standard in business life and it will no longer be possible for internationally operating companies without AEO status to meet the requirements of supply chain management or just-in-time deliveries in the medium term.

International recognition

The AEO certificate is recognized in all member states of the European Community. The European Community (CE) is currently in negotiations with several third country countries such as the USA, China, Japan and Switzerland on the mutual recognition of industrial partnership program. This increases the security in the international supply chain in essential aspects. Certified economic operators in an agreement country will then be treated as if they have the corresponding certification in the other agreement country. In this way, double checks of goods can be avoided and trouble-free trading can be guaranteed.

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AEO - Authorised Economic Operator
AEO - Authorised Economic Operator

Phone: +49405597260  |  Fax: +494055972665  |  E-mail:
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